January 11, 2009

What is it all about? (Love can begin here)

So I want to change the world.. When you first have this idea in your head.. and you're just thinking about it.. to see if it can be done or not.. to see where you could start.. or at least try to see where you can start doing your homework.. you play a few moves and try to anticipate the first few steps, the plan you're following.. things that could go wrong or things you can't know the result of.. yet.

The first thing everyone says is either: "It can't be done!" or "Oh yeah, I'd like to see that!" and both of these things motivate me, plus that.. I've got nothing to lose.. :) but if I can accomplish something like that.. we've got a lot to gain. And I could.. maybe.. make a difference.. a change.. in something better! It's something that others won't bother to do.. or even try.. Me? I'm a beliver :D

So what could change this ..crazy world? What message could you send out there that won't go unnoticed? What can you say to the world that will make a difference? We do live in a crazy world, created by and for us, and it has it's good and bad parts. Some bad part would be that we became shallow. Nothing it's good enough anymore.. nothing 'moves' you anymore..

I miss the good old days when I was just a kid and I'd ask some girl to be my girlfriend by writing her a small note and leave it in her math book.. or when i was about 5 years old and i went shopping with my mum and bought a bracelet for a girl.. and i barely had the guts to go and give it to her. Maybe I was just a kid or maybe time did not used to be in such a hurry.. Everything important it's happening "right now".. and 5 seconds later it's already yesterday's business.. What does it matter anymore for all of us? Money? Power? Maybe freedom. Or maybe.. LOVE?

No one belives in LOVE anymore.. :( It's an abstract subject.. And for those of you who still think LOVE is a mith.. Let me ask you this: why do you do it? Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you shave? Why go to work? For what? Why do you earn money? To live.. ok.. you're living ..what now? Why keep going? What is the purpose? After you've got all the money you want.. and you buy all the stuff you want.. you go to bed at night.. alone :) No matter how many chicks you sleep with, none of them will be there in the morning, or when the money's gone. Having sex is good, but making love.. it's beautifull!

You're right, you'll like all this 'lots of money thing'.. the cars.. houses.. gadgets.. and whatever you plan to buy next.. but.. I ask you again.. now what? More sex with moron super-models? You'll get tired of all this.. I'm just saying.. have your fun.. all the way! But at some point you'll remember that you've read this :) (..or maybe you're a moron super-model also :)) and you know what they say: two crackheads can live happily ever after!)

If you've got all the money in the world and you want to see the world.. and you get to the Eiffel Tower or the Priamids.. you'd like a picture.. right? What? You don't want to be alone in that picture? You want someone to enjoy the moment with.. huh? You want to conquer the world all by yourself? It's impossible! And even if you do, why did you do it? Who's gonna be there.. in the picture with you? :) And.. btw, don't you wanna' grow old? Guess what? It's inevitable.. what you can change is either you grow old alone.. or not.

I've said before that we're 6 biliards people in this world.. but we can not expect to be 6 biliards of happy people.. I can't change that.. well.. not all of that, I'm only human :) but I can try an tell you this: "Life goes on pretty fast, if you don't stop every once in a while.. you could miss it!" I can tell you.. LOVE CAN BEGIN HERE.. there.. anywhere.. you just have to go out and do something about it! All you have to do is just stop and enjoy the view..

Anyway.. I don't want it to be just a sticker on a bicycle that let the others know that you're available.. I want it to reach to you.. I want it to open your eyes.. FALL IN LOVE! It's the greatest thing you'll ever learn!

And if you still think I'm wrong.. YOU tell me what could make you stop for just a second.. and make you think about it?