November 7, 2008

Pay it forward..

If you want to.. you can. How? Dunno.. use your imagination, it helps! Anyway.. it's not 'a must' if you want to.. do it, otherwise.. enjoy! Plus that.. it's not that easy. It's not easy to make a stranger smile because (without even thinking it) they belive you want something in return. And i don't. This explains why there's no phone number on this black little giveaway. It's not ment to 'hook up', but to offer something. A smile.

Why do I do it? Makes me smile to see others smile.. because of me. Especially because of me. Many people forgot how to smile.. Others say that 'they have no reason to smile'. I just gave you one!

You probably read this and think that.. "yeah.. sure.. no one does this.. spend money on.. stuff like this!" Well.. I do! Makes me smile.. Stuff like this wakes me up in the morning and keeps me awake till late at night. And the look on that little girl's face when she read it.. Was priceless! She said "than you!" without even moving her lips.. She even stoped crying..

What's all this? A small black card.. a giveaway.. I give them to strangers. Hoping just for two things: that they speak english.. and they'll smile once they read it. Never encoutered someone who couldn't tell what it says.. Don't even know what I was supose to do.. Many thoughts sound and express better what you want to say.. in english. It's just the way it is. It's a giveaway. You give it.. away. For free. It's ment to remind you.. heey! you forgot your smiles.. It says: "Smile! You've got all the reasons in the world to do it!"

Now.. for the ones that don't belive in it.. and for the ones that still do..This is.. the second 'stage' of my.. thing that i'm doing.. it's not a 'movement' ..or maybe it is.. maybe is just an attempt to change the world.. just like in the movie.. This is a sticker.. and you'll probably see them around the town from now on.. It's not related to the little black card.. But they go in the same direction..

It says more something like..

"Any moment is as good as any other!" your thing!


Miss Elenusha said...

Changing the world is a pretty big goal … It’s worth all the effort that we can make in order to achieve it! But how many of us dare to even try? Not many, of that I’m sure. The majority gets lost in living each day as if it is the last and maybe they don’t look around much to see the beauty surrounding them. These are the days of our lives! Accelerated to the maximum. But each one loves. Each one hopes for the love to begin somewhere, anywhere… And they know it does. No mater how much we would think that love don’t live here anymore (our hearts, our times) she is here, strong and standing up to everything and everyone! With hope by her side, love will always be the winner. Maybe the only one smiling…

Anonymous said...

Esti contagios! in the very best way ;) Pt cand ai timp, sunt doua filmulete scurte care au o idee asemanatoare cu ideea ta de pass the smile. Enjoy! ..And a big smile to you :-D


Mr.BiG said...

@ Cristina - multumesc.. primul nu il stiam, dar cel cu 'validation' il mai vazusem.. anyway.. primul e genial! E atat de frumos ca o sa il dau si eu mai departe! :) multumesc.. you just made me smile!

Cristina said...

Asta-i unul din posturile mele preferate.. cuz I gave some smiles away :) Thanks Biggie :*