December 26, 2008

My new New Year's Resolution

First of all.. change the world.. or at least make some progress! Si.. cred ca ma descurc ..incet-incet.. lumea a inceput sa vada stickerele cu "LOVE CAN BEGIN HERE" si sa scrie despre ele.. ma bucur ca am reusit sa ajung cu ele si la Sinaia, Piatra Neamt si chiar Madrid si Palma de Mallorca.. eh.. si bineinteles prin Bucuresti :) Acum.. daca toate merg asa cum sper eu sa mearga, va afla si mai multa lume despre ele :D iar apoi.. va veni si "STAGE 3" dar.. toate la timpul lor ;)

1. Never forget another birthday!
(i'm gonna use Yahoo! Mail for this one.. And I have a feeling it's gonna' remind me of birthday's of people I don't wanna' call to say: "Hey, Happy Birthday!" :-)

("Why don't you quit smoking.. huh? -Honey.. I'm trying.. but it's hard..! -I don't understand.. why you just don't quit! -Aaaight! Why don't you quit yellin'.. huh? Cuz it's hard..")

3. Trip to Amsterdam..
(with ..or without you! anul trecut am renunta pentru ca am optat in favoarea unei excursii familie cu ai mei, in Germania, dar de data asta nu ma mai razgandesc!)

4. Bungee Jump!
(..and live to tell the story!! =p~)

5. Get more organized.
(organise "all that" spare time, meals, job, extra tasks..)

6. Win AdOr award.
(what.. can't i dream? and btw.. it's not a joke. i really want it. and i'm gonna do what i have to do.. to get it!!)

7. Workout!
(that's gonna' be kard to keep up.. but i have a bet to win.. and i will win it! and it will also help me quit smoking!)

8. Un tobogan.
(sa definitivez planul pentru toboganul de care tot vorbesc de jum de an..)

9. Find me a little girl who's going to be there when I wake up!
(if love can begin here/there for others.. i'm sure it will work for me 2 :)

10. Win the lottery!
(all I have to do is to figure out how to create a deja-vu :)


Anonymous said...

With luck....forward...for all that...!!

Miss Elenusha said...

Succese la toate aceste dorinte :)
Se pare ca vei avea un nou am plin plin!

La multi ani!

Vido said...

"It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times"
Mark Twain

Alexandra Sandu said...

sunt curioasa de punctul nr.8. te rog la finalul anului sa specifici ce s-a petrecut acolo. cu imagini si tot ce trebuie :)

Anonymous said...

so...? pana acum ceva realizari ? :P Cu siguranta vei reusi daca iti doresti atat de mult ;) .. asa ca nu iti mai urez bafta...doar succes :)pups