December 5, 2007

My New Year's Resolution

A bit early, i guess..

1. Never forget another birthday!
(use reminders.. mozilla sun bird organizer.. whatever!)
2. Quit smoking.
(this time for real!)
3. Trip to Amsterdam.
(with ..or without you!)
4. Win bet with Paul.
(some of you know what's that about..)
5. Get organized.
(organise "all that" spare time, meals, job, chores, etc.)
6. Win AdOr award.
(what.. can't i dream? and btw.. it's not a joke. i really want it. and i'm gonna do what i have to do.. to get it!!)
7. Workout!
(that's gonna' be interesting.. but i have to.. and it will also help me quit smoking!)
8. Find-out what I want to do with my life..
(i'm gonna take my time with this one!)
9. Find me a nice little girl who's gonna be there in the morning.
(i seriously doubt this one.. that's why it's almost the last thing on this.. 'to do list'.. but i really want to!! oh, and.. i don't really mean 'little' it's just a figure of speach!!!)
10. Bungee Jump!
(..and live to tell the story! =p~)

( be continued)


Unknown said...

Interesanta lista, mai ales punctele 1 si 3 :D

Anonymous said...

Si nu ne spui si noua care e pariul cu paul? sau macar la sfarsit, daca o sa il castigi sau nu

Anonymous said...

pai daca nu stiu cine esti.. nu am cum sa iti spun care e pariul.. nu?