November 8, 2007


I don't go home often.. to my hometown and.. that's not a good thing. Because it's a beautiful small town.. quiet, everyone knows everyone.. etc. Anyway.. when i do get there.. i meet a lot of people that i know.. used to go to school with me, neighbors.. and i find them exactly where i left them. Same poor minimarket, 'operating' that same broken cash register, selling the same stuff everyday.. to almost the same people. I wonder if he left the market (cuz it's non-stop) since i left.. cause he has the same shirt as he did a couple of months ago..
I wonder.. 'Is that what he's going to do his entire life? Is he happy the way he is?' Tell you what: he's not asking himself these questions! And if he does.. he thinks that if he had to make a change he's going to have to risk a lot of things.. time.. and there's no guarantee he'll succeed. That's true. But he could also hit the JackPot! At least he tried! It takes time. It takes guts.. and a little bit of luck.

Gray. In this case.. equals "average". You'll see what i'm talking about.

Let me ask you this: do you like Seinfeld? I do! Brilliant man: awesome jokes and points of view, awful hair. anyway.. he has a problem with the silver medal. "If you take the gold, you feel good. If you take the bronze, well.. at least i got something! But if you take the silver.. it's like.. Congratulations! almost won! You're the number one.. loser!" and that, my folks, is gray.

Gray is when you're like that.. although you can't realise it.. Gray is the bunch of people that appear on the road while the main character is being filmed.. of photographed. Gray is the ones you meet on the street every day.. and sometimes.. someone pops up.. and you can see the difference. A great man once said: "Show me a man who's satisfied with second place, and i'll show you the loser!" Gray is when you're satisfied with second place. When you have nothing else to wish for. Nothing else interesting enough to see or to learn.. Gray is when you've given up.. and you don't realise it.

There's a lot of gray people i know.. and i learn from the mistakes others make. At least i try. I like changes. It keeps you.. not bored, you get to learn something from it, you get to meet new people, you see that if you don't risk anything you can't win anything.. Have i changed the world? No.. unfortunately. Not yet! But i'll do my best not to be like that!

(i'll let you guess where this is from.. )
- Nature is change! The part that we can influence! And it starts when we decide!
- Where are you going?
- ..with luck? Forward!


Anonymous said...

C'mon man! It's not the same old town with the same old markets, maybe the same old people...You should try coming more often!

Anonymous said...

A, si inca ceva mister Botswana, incearca si limba romana ca o schimbare, ca mi-a fost greu sa citsc pana la capat :P
I pup you!